Сompetition of innovations in education
The education sector needs fresh ideas and people, who will be able to put them into life. This Competition is for everyone, there are no restrictions on age and professional affiliation. If you want to offer something to improve education, this Competition is for you.
About Competition
KIVO Competition is the contest for grassroots educational innovations with more than 12K alumni worldwide. The Competition is an initiative led by the HSE University's Institute of Education and Rybakov Foundation with the support of Agency for strategic initiatives.
The Competition identifies, showcases and recognizes the most promising grassroots educational innovations of the year.
We invite teachers or parents, entrepreneurs, authors of pedagogical and management innovations, students or deans and all those interested in education to participate in the Competition.
The winner of the Competition receives the travel grant to showcase his project anywhere in the world.
At the final, the authors of the best projects introduce them to investors and wide audience. Our sponsors and partners annually announce additional nominations for the Competition finalists and within them hand in their prizes, including foreign internships or financial support.
We invite to participate small teams of 2-6 people.
Within the Competition we consider startups at their early stage. Regardless of the phase of project's development, each team must show that they have something more than an abstract idea.

The peculiarity of the Competition is that it is also an accelerator. During the Summer school we will help your team to elaborate and finalize the project and introduce it to potential investors or partners.

Competition timeline
01 April - 31 May 2021
01 April - 31 May 2021
Online Application
To apply the Competition you need to fill the special registration form collecting information related to the project and the team. All the applications are reviewed by the broad expert panel according to the competition criteria.
Announcement of semifinals: 10 June, 2021
21 June -8 July 2021
21 June -8 July 2021
Online Accelerator - Summer School
The teams that pass the first elimination round take part in the second stage of the Competition - the summer school, where they get the opportunity to finalize the project after individual education and business tutorials.

At this stage, not only the concept of the project will be evaluated, but also the way it will be introduced. The participants will be compensated for transportation, food and accommodation expenses. The brightest and most active participants of the second stage will be given a chance to take part in various sponsorship events.
The finals participants will be announced in September.
October 2021
October 2021
The finals of the Competition is traditionally held within the framework of the International Conference on New Educational Technologies #EdCrunch.

At this stage, the participants present the finalized projects to the jury, potential investors and wide audience.
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Winners of 2020
Winners 2019
Winners of 2018
Winners 2017
Winners 2016
Winners 2015
Winners 2014
The main prize-winner

Peer tutoring platform for school students

List of the finalists in 2020
    • Tournament of Three Sciences. Federal competition of student teams for public problem solving from industrial companies in the field of physics, chemistry and biology / Voronezh
    • Educational constructor kit Erema. Constructor - adaptation of Arduino for schoolchildren / Yekaterinburg
    • Professional design for orphans "YOU CAN". A platform for career guidance for orphans / Minsk
    • GOALBALL. Methodology for Paralympic Ball Games Adaptation for the Visually Impaired and Student Involvement / Korolev
    • All-Russian reserved lesson. A set of interactive lessons about protected areas of Russia in Russian and English / Moscow
    • Educational Extravaganza Online Sockets. Online event about current problems of education / Moscow
    • Manage-PRO. Consulting service for school administrators / Novosibirsk
    • Startup Junior. School of entrepreneurship and soft skills for high school students /St. Petersburg
    • Super cool . Trainings for educators focusing on classroom management skills and psychological competence /St. Petersburg
    • Learn Braille. Mobile application for learning Braille / St. Petersburg
    The main prize-winner
    Inclusive comic "Team S.L.U.H."
    Online platform for inclusive bullying prophylaxis for hearing-impaired children (St. Petersburg) Boyceva Zoya Mallabyu Alla

    • Genetics ARMobile application for high school students with augmented reality for visualization of genetic traits of inheritance (Vladivostok) Svetlana Okhotnikova Denis Balyura
    • Walking spaceCollaborative schoolyard design with kids (Moscow) Yakshina Ann
    • Digital tutor schoolTraining system for the new generation methodologists with agile and pedagogical design skills (Ekaterinburg) Lebedintseva Irina Russkykh Tatyan
    • Common SpaceInterschool cooperation methodology with the aim of solving urgent problems of schoolchildren (Yoshkar-Ola) Druzhinin Sergey Okhotnikova Svetlana
    • Out of Conflict Advisory RoomComplex for the formation of a conflict-free environment in the triad "teacher-student-parent" (Kazan) Galihuzina Reseda Khramova Evgeniya
    • SPbCTF (www.vk.com/spbctf ) A set of cybersecurity training games for schoolchildren and students (St. Petersburg) Kravtsova Ksenia
    • I will not be backMethods of teaching students of different age in educational institutions of the penitentiary system (Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region)Karapchuk ValentinaGerosyanova Galina
    • Metahid: meta-skill simulators (https://metagid.ru/)Methods of preparing teachers for meta-subject skills tuition (Mtsensk, Oryol region) Zvereva Tatyana Gorelova Julia
    • "Equal to equal. School of road users "A set of manuals on traffic rules created by schoolchildren of grades 8-11 for peers with disabilities (s. Sigayevo, Udmurtia) Antropova Elvira Ishkuzina Lyudmila
    The main prize winner
    Virtual molecular constructor "NanoLab"

    The main prize-winner
    For the first time, two winners were selected: the project "d notation" from St. Petersburg - an application for inputting and learning music notation on smartphones, tablets and interactive whiteboards and "Disgraph" from Krasnoyarsk- an online diagnosis and correction service for children with dysgraphia.
    Audience Award: "Another Day"

    • Hi, I am from Russia too. Domestic school exchanges
    • Igromir dictionary. Gaming technologies in learning Russian as a non-native language.
    • "Easy Science: Health"
    • "SpaceCraft"
    • Manage the class
    • "NL!A Edu Bot"
    • "Modular laboratory - constructor
    The main prize-winner of the Competition
    LinguaLink of generations
    Older people from Russia act as tutors in Russian for foreign students
    Audience Award:
    • Bilim Club Educational assistance for migrants in adapting and teaching the Russian language, culture and foreign language

    • Barabook.ru - service for creating flashcards for memorization
    • Robots go to school
    • «Join.University»
    • «Edugame Creator»
    • «EdDesign»
    • Young neuromodelist
    • Super-books
    • "International Medical Tournament"
    • "Emotional Dictation"
    • Corporate social network Pryaniki.LMS
    • InstaQuiz - web service for communication between the audience and the lecturer in real time
    The main prize-winner of the Competition
    Moscow through the Engineer's Eye
    Service for lectures and excursions: history of Moscow and Russian engineering, stories about how architectural monuments were erected, how their structures work, what the economics of construction is.
    • Codabra - school of Programming and Digital Creativity
    The main prize-winner of the Competition

    An educational hostel where you can prepare for an independent life through trainings and long-term programs

    • "Znanika" online school
    • Teacher for Russia. A project that creates a mechanism for attracting brilliant young specialists of all specialties to the profession of a school teacher and a community of young leaders interested in self-development within secondary education system
    • "Game-design platform" Online course builder
    • INDI-school - Individual educational programs for high school students
    • Mobile application guide.land - A series of educational geolocation games (quests)
    • "EduTap" - Distance learning system that replaces advertising content in all free2play games with educational content
    • "My history of Russia" Multimedia educational network-type product for creating your own version of historical events
    • Literacy through photography. Charitable educational program that makes it easy and interesting to study any humanitarian subject for illiterate children and adolescents
    • LifeCamp - Traveling school for an informed choice of profession
    • ALP-Enterprise - Internet service for managing the training of production personnel
    • Interuniversity library service - Portal for searching books or other publications by Russian researchers and students from all regions
    • Big data in Education - replacing "Big Computing" in the School Environment. Virtual systems based on a school computer that emulate the work of a computing center
    • "Designer of educational programs and LNA". Cloud web service for easy and quick creation of legally correct documents.
    • "Intelligent answer". Educational online platform for gaining skills and knowledge about opportunities in the field of data analysis and Big Data
    • "Gaming business - education" iPlay MBA - an educational system that provides training and employment of young personnel for given business skills
    • "Intellect-training". Online service of the international research project Lumosity
    • "BIP". Interactive blocks and sticks for the development of logical thinking, attention, speech of preschoolers
    • "Cartoons instead of lessons!". Production of short 3-minute educational animation films by a student educational film studio, created on the basis of the university
    • School as Business. Project portfolio management case for the implementation of a school management information system based on a project office
    • Easy Russia. A cloud resource that allows foreign students intending to study in Russia to receive detailed information
    • "Explore with robots". Information resource that allows you to organize the process of teaching the basics of robotics
    • "Engineers V 2.0". Engineering training project
    • "Itscool.ru". School subjects in the form of visualized video lessons

    In 2020 the Competition of Innovations in Education accepted
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